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+420 602 555 291


IČ: 048 96 815

ID data box: yb3qq8i


Žďárského 181, Kožichovice 674 01

Svatopluka Čecha 1934/58, Brno 612 00

Polanka 214/10, 674 01 Třebíč

Pravlov 200, Dolní Kounice 664 64

Industrial Engineering Group is strongly committed to social and ecological principles. We employ people with reduced ability who work in various sheltered workshops and, therefore, we can offer our customers the solution for meeting the condition stipulated in section 81 of the Act No. 435/2004 Sb. on Employment. All services provided by the group of companies Industrial Engineering Group s.r.o. include transportation.

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Project "Analysis of processes for digitalization and automation in Industrial Engineering Group s.r.o."